i am trying to forget

I am trying to forget, coz i was trying to love her heart and soul. Since she wanna to forget everything about me, it is very neccesery for me to learn to forget the one whom i deeply loved.

I was trying so hard not to miss her, saddly, i just can’t do that. Once you love someone, it is impossible for you to forget her in a very short time. Maybe, i will spend a whole lifetime to take away all her memoery in my mind.

From the very beginning, it has been a mistake. Mistake can be a kind of sweet memory, but a kind of fiercely pain. This mistake can become a sword, stab through your heart, from time to time: anytime you see her picture, anytime you hear her name, anytime you close your eyes. That must be the most delicious poison.
For the past three years, i was drunk in this poison with smile and tears. It makes me strong, it makes me weak, it becomes the master of me. I was a fool, in this game of love and destiny.

I never told no body how much I had suffered. All they can see just a boy who wasted his time in nothing. Now, with the waiting, I am a totally loser. I lose all of my love.

Fortunately, still, I have a home to go. There is my families. My parents, my grandmother. They are the one who really care about me, anytime, anywhere.